Public Service Recognition Week

This Public Service Recognition Week, we proudly celebrate more than 695,000 members and 470,000 retirees of the New York State and Local Retirement System (NYSLRS) for their service to the people of New York State.

A Brief History of Public Service Recognition Week

This week was created in 1985 to honor those who serve our nation as federal, state, county and local government employees.

Congress officially designated the first full week of May as Public Service Recognition Week. This year, it is being celebrated May 5 through 11.

NYSLRS Members Deliver Critical Services

From the smallest village to our biggest cities, New York public employees like you provide the essential services that improve our quality of life. You work for employers such as:

  • New York State
  • Couties, Towns and Villages
  • School Districts
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Public Libraries
  • Fire and Water Districts

Whether they are protecting public health and safety, driving our children to school or clearing snow from the roads, NYSLRS members deliver the critical services New Yorkers depend on. Many NYSLRS members and retirees also give back to our state by volunteering in their communities or supporting charitable causes.

Public Service Recognition Week

Comptroller DiNapoli’s Faith in Public Service

New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli is the administrator of NYSLRS and trustee of the Common Retirement Fund. His public service career began at 18 years old, when he won his first election to become a trustee on the Mineola Board of Education. That made him the youngest person in New York State history to be elected to public office. He is also the second longest-serving comptroller in New York State history.

Comptroller DiNapoli is understandably proud about the career path he has chosen, and he often speaks about the contributions that New York’s public employees make to their communities and their State. He encourages young people to consider a career in public service. “It’s more than a job,” he says. “It’s a career with purpose.

5 thoughts on “Public Service Recognition Week

    1. Celeste

      Yikes! I’m so sorry! I can’t believe this is allowed. Why is this agency not being held accountable?!??!

  1. Celeste Panagopoulos

    As a former state employee, I can appreciate that but honestly, your response is patronizing and just platitudes. I feel I have been patient, extremely so.

    Do I want a thorough review? Of course! Does it need to be accurate? Definitely! I understand that both of those require an adequate amount of time to perform and I’m not familiar with what the process entails but after 2.5 years I would expect that you’d have been able to complete it by now.

    I don’t feel it’s acceptable or in any way responsive to leave it open ended as to when it will be completed. Your agency should be completing these timely and providing a completion date to your retirees…and 2.5 years and counting shouldn’t be considered either timely or acceptable!

    Can you tell me at what level does the tree need to be shaken to get this taken care of…
    Do I reach out to your agency’s commissioner? To the governor?
    To my legislative representative?
    To the press?

    Who has the power to say “enough is enough” and to provide a completion date? To make this retiree who gave 30 + years of service to the state feel like that meant something and to be treated respectfully enough to have their issue handled in a timely fashion?

  2. Celeste Panagopoulos


    I’m grateful to be a NYS retiree but very frustrated with the time it takes to get final average salary computated! I’ve been retired 2.5 years, have reached out several times about the calculation … nothing but crickets!

    I’m hoping I have my final average salary before I pass so I can enjoy it! It’s crazy that it takes this long to get it!!!

    I realize this office is busy but 2.5 years… that’s just ridiculous! NYS should be able to do better for their retirees!

    1. NYSLRS Post author

      NYSLRS is working hard to complete recalculations and to provide retroactive payments as quickly as possible. We apologize for the length of time this is taking for you. We are working to improve our service in this area and we thank you for your patience.


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