How Your Tier 6 Contribution Rate Can Change

Most NYSLRS members contribute a percentage of their earnings to help fund pension benefits. For Tier 6 members (those who joined NYSLRS on or after April 1, 2012), that percentage, or contribution rate, can change from year to year based on your earnings. The minimum rate is 3 percent of your earnings, and the maximum is 6 percent.

Overtime Pay Temporarily Excluded from Tier 6 Contribution Rates

The 2024–25 State budget included a new law which temporarily excludes overtime pay from the calculation of Tier 6 contribution rates. This may lower contribution rates for some Tier 6 members from April 1, 2024 through March 31, 2026.

For more information, read our blog post, Overtime Pay Temporarily Excluded from Tier 6 Contribution Rates.

Tier 6 contribution rates

When Tier 6 Contribution Rates are Determined

A Tier 6 member’s contribution rate is calculated annually. New rates become effective on April 1, the beginning of the state’s fiscal year. Once your rate is determined for a given fiscal year, it doesn’t change for the rest of that fiscal year. We provide rates to your employer in March, a few weeks before they need to apply any rate changes.

How Your Tier 6 Contribution Rate is Calculated

If you are a new NYSLRS member, during your first three years of membership your contribution rate is based on an estimated annual wage that your employer provided when you were enrolled as a new member.

If you have been a member for three or more years, NYSLRS calculates your rate using the earnings reported to us by your employer from the last completed fiscal year, April 1, 2022 through March 31, 2023.

Rates are calculated using your base pay, which includes:

This video will help explain how your contribution rate is determined:

How Your NYSLRS Pension Works

The amount you contribute to the Retirement System does not affect the amount of your pension. A NYSLRS pension is a defined-benefit plan. Under this type of plan, once you are eligible for a pension and apply for retirement, you will receive a monthly payment for the rest of your life. The amount of your pension will be calculated using a formula based on your retirement plan, years of service and final average earnings.

You can learn more about how your pension will be calculated by reading your retirement plan publication. Use our Find Your NYSLRS Retirement Plan Publication tool to find yours.

6 thoughts on “How Your Tier 6 Contribution Rate Can Change

  1. B

    Does this apply to former tier 6 employees. I left city service but am not at the age to receive benefits. Will my pension increase even though I quick 10 months ago ?

    1. NYSLRS

      Members earn service credit while they are working for a participating NYSLRS employer. Members who leave public employment no longer contribute to the Retirement System or earn service credit.

      NYSLRS benefits are defined benefit plans, which means you will receive a lifetime pension based on your years of service and earnings. The pension you will receive from NYSLRS will not be based on the contributions you paid into the system.

      For account-specific information about your situation, please message our customer service representatives using our secure contact form.

  2. Elio Giuliani

    Another reason all currently employed workers in the NYS pension system should be mindful of the efforts to Fix Tier 6 in Albany by elected reps and union reps.
    Learn and do some lobbying to Fix Tier 6.

    Whining at work or here won’t do it; lobbying your NY state rep will do it. Learn who the elected reps are and work with your union reps who are working to Fix Tier 6.

    1. Jon

      Interesting, where can I find more information about this? Also, my job is not union but im definelty interested in where I can read more on Fix Tier 6. Thanks!


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